Whether it is a trace of amino acids (on left) or protein isoforoms they make (on right), chromatogram traces have always fascinated me each like an art-piece, I call them "artgram".

Check out these incredible woodworks depicting biology in art by Prof. Louis-Jan Pilaz. Follow him on Twitter at @NeuroWoodworks

But here is a talented individual, who took it to a whole new level: Meet Dr. Luis F. Schachner who uses mass spectra to create incredible art pieces. Find his work here: Art Spectra

Artsy science things below:

Different fungi strains and their extracts.

This is a drawing I made using 'Paint' to exhibit the complex inter connectivity between different biomolecules that exists in human brain. There are hundreds similar cartoons available online. With modern mass spectrometry techniques, such complex biological network can be studied. Amazing how mass spec data helps to visualize such phenomena!

I made this drawing to depict some of the conventional and novel drug delivery systems using MS PowerPoint. I would appreciate if you credit me if you use the image.