Drug Formulation Analysis

Drug Formulation Analysis

My drug formulation development experience started during my MS in Pharmaceutics program back in 2012, where I was trained to develop and characterize microspheres. Although I do not work on drug formulation development anymore, I started using my analytical chemistry skills to collaborate with several formulation labs to study different pharmacokinetic behaviors, specially drug targeting, release, uptake, stability and solubility of various drug delivery systems.

Sodium acetate mediated crystalline solid dispersion of docetaxel.

(Ref.: Ngo et al. IJP 2018)

Microbicide targeting HIV-1 gp-120.

(Ref.: Coulibaly et al. Mol Pharm 2017)

Ionic salt of etoposide-arginine.

(Ref.: Alsalhi et al. ASSAY 2021)

Native and nanomicellar forumlation of etopisde.

(Ref.: Alsalhi et al. ASSAY 2021)

Microsphere encapsulated with Metformin.

(Ref.: Hasan et al. DUJPS 2013)

Microsphere encapsulated with Naproxen.

(Ref.: Akhter et al. DUJPS 2013)

Microsphere encapsulated with Gliclazide.

(Ref.: Ayon et al. DUJPS 2014)